“Even the concept of Young Carers was new to me when I first got involved with some of our local Carers groups. The idea that children, some under the age of 8, are caring for family members on a daily basis, was mind-blowing to me.
Many have no support and often are unaware themselves that they are doing the work of a Carer.

There are so many aspects of these children’s lives that need a light shone on them – helping them to identify themselves as Carers in the first place, letting them know what help and support is available, making that support accessible to them, addressing the stigma that children can feel about being young Carers.
All of this can be helped by raising awareness within our communities of this, all too often, hidden world. Together, let us do all we can to let these children know that they are not alone, that they have our support and that the future can be hopeful and full of promise.”

Michael Sheen OBE and Victoria Lewin 2010

“Young carers can so often go overlooked and, sadly, they all too often feel unseen, uncared about, and overwhelmed. Even knowing that what they are doing to help look after their family qualifies them as young carers can sometimes be a difficult task. Anything that helps them feel seen and that the love and care that they provide is valued and appreciated is hugely important. Whatever support it’s possible to provide is essential. I hope that this beautiful book, Caitlin’s Wish, can play a small part in bringing this about.
Love, Michael Sheen”

Michael Sheen OBE 2012