My Life Coaching Programme will be starting soon, so stay tuned for more details!

See below to hear from people I’ve helped so far…


“Victoria Lewin is one of the most amazing women I know.
Even though she’s been through so much in her own life, she will set her own issues aside to help someone who needs her.
She did that for me she and she’s helped me through so much. When my fiance (the love of my life) passed away, I knew she was the one person I could go to, because she knew him for many years (before he and I even got together) and I met her through him. She is the one person who has helped me through my grief and developing my spiritual side.
I feel closer to her than my own family right now.
Not only is she a good listener, she will help come up with a way to help you through your problems in a different way and in my case it usually helps me overcome the issue. Victoria has already helped me overcome so many life obstacles.
I couldn’t ask for anyone better than Victoria as a life coach, and she’s now one of my best friends. I don’t think there is anyone else I would want as a life coach!
You couldn’t find a more kind, compassionate or genuine life coach than Victoria and she is also one of the best authors I know.
Her books have helped me so much.
Her ex-husband had the same rare brain condition (IH) as my fiance and her book ‘Love is all we need’ (written to raise money for the IH Research Foundation) helped me out more than anything! I know her books could help you out too!
Please consider Victoria as your life coach because if you do it would be the best choice you ever made.”
Stephanie McGrail.

“Where can I even start? Victoria is the most supportive, encouraging, and compassionate woman I know! She has a gift of knowing what I need and helping me find my answers, not just giving unsolicited advice.
She’s been through enough personally to “get” the hard things I’ve gone through when no one else does.
Victoria is a phenomenal listener, which is not easy to find, and she utilizes what she learns to find methods of addressing the issues and helping me discover in myself what I need to do to make improvements. Victoria has helped me find direction when the road ahead seemed blocked, find my light in the darkness, and was a hand to (virtually) hold in the loneliness.
If you’re thinking about working with her – do it! You’ll be glad you did!”
Jen Hardy

“In life you have to adapt.
The problem is, most people think that adapting means changing who you are. Victoria knows this just isn’t true. She has many strengths but by far her greatest is the ability to adapt to meet the needs of who she is talking to.
Meeting them where they are and taking the time to understand their style. All the while not changing who she is.
This is helpful for many different reasons but the two most important are ( 1) It models that it is okay to be authentic and (2) You are always getting the real Victoria and not some one who is trying to fit a mold. “
John Williams

“Victoria first reached out to me after I had made a YouTube video educating about Intracranial Hypertension that had gone viral. She was so kind and I remember being particularly touched when she sent me a copy of her book Caitlin’s Wish.
Over the years our friendship grew. She was always so supportive of me and others even when she was going through lots herself.
I can remember during one particularly dark time in my life she called me and left me a loving voicemail. I actually recorded it and would listen to it on bad days. Just the knowledge that someone cared for me when I couldn’t love myself was so strengthening to me.
While Victoria was not a life coach for me, she still helped to comfort and guide me during a time full of depression and hopelessness. She has such a kind and compassionate heart for others. I am sure that her gifts will lend themselves towards life coaching those in need.
Brittany Hazelton

“I have known Vicky for 27 years.
We were both young new mums with health problems .
Each of us going through a lot with juggling being parents for the first time with little support !
Vicky has always amazed me with her strength and positivity even at the lowest point in her life ! She has always helped me through my struggles too .
At times I thought ‘how much more can she take’ (putting others before herself.) But she just finds the most positive way out of any trying situation and just excels in which ever direction she chooses to go.
She never ceases to allow any negative situations to change her way of thinking. I really believe we could all take a leaf out of her book .
Vicky is truly an INSPIRATIONAL Person!”
Christina Jones

“I love how you get stuck in.
Yes you have issues in life, but I like how you are pushing them to one side. Soon you’ll let go of those issues, and you confidence is growing.
You are not shy, you care deeply, you are present and you are a team player as well as a leader.
It does annoy me you under value yourself at times, because we both know the diamond you are. And when light shines on a diamond, the light never dims, it’s shared in all directions because that’s the magic of you.”
David Poole, Business Coach, Going Beyond the Illusion.