Young Carers Awareness Further Young carers awareness Resources It’s thanks to Professor Saul Becker that Young carers get the recognition and support that they do… here he talks about the past 25 years and the journey he took to make young carers lives easier.

Who cares for us?

  Coming Soon... Who cares 4 us? is a series of books for schools.... wherever you are in the world! The series covers Young Carers Awareness, Disability Awareness and anti-bullying too, as 2/3 of young carers are bullied in schools! So why create this series? All children have the right to an education, to go... Continue Reading →

Caitlin’s Wish

Caitlin's wish is a magical fairytale for young carers, created to re-assure them that they're not alone. It follows little Caitlin on her journey to understanding all the changes that are happening around her, after her Dad becomes poorly with a long term illness. Families who care for a loved one with IH will find... Continue Reading →

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