So what is Caitlin’s wish?

It’s Caitlin’s Wish that someday all Young Carers will be treated with the respect, compassion, and understanding that they truly deserve – no matter where they live in the world.

It all began when my daughter Caitlin struggled to come to terms with her life as a young carer. “Why can’t people understand what it’s like to be me?” she’d cry.
As her mother, I wanted to help her in any way possible.
After learning that she was too young to access any support from our local young carer’s project, I looked for a book to help her. Unable to find an appropriate book, she simply said, “Well write one! Make there be one Mammi.”

To a young child anything is possible, right?
I’d never written anything before, but her words compelled me to create something for her, and as they say the rest is history. It helped her so much that I was urged to publish it in the hope it may help other children.
The first Caitlin’s Wish storybook was published in 2010, closely followed by a revised edition in 2012.
The more I found out about young carers awareness and disability awareness the more I felt that this was my destiny, to try and make a difference. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. When my husband became disabled and our world was turned upside down, I admit that I struggled to find the reasoning.

But 4 years later when I began writing I knew that this was the reason our lives had changed.  Since then the ‘Caitlin’s Wish’ umbrella has expanded to include many aspects.

  • Disability and IH Awareness.
  • Young Carer’s Awareness.
  • Writing stories for young carers.
  • Writing books for schools.
  • Writing books for IH sufferers and their families.
  • Supporting the IH community through the IH Brain Pain Team and much more.



‘Being a carer is never easy. It’s full of ups and downs; one day, life seems perfect and another it’s falling apart.
Caring makes us too empathetic, so we feel every-one’s pain but we feel as though nobody under-stands our pain.
Caring makes us feel lost and alone at times, so I asked my Mum (Victoria Lewin) to write these books to help all young carers, including myself, realise that we’re not alone and that although it causes heart ache, being young carers can make us stronger, smarter and braver than most kids our age.’

(Copyright ©2018 Who Cares For Us)




Endorsed by….
Professor Saul Becker,
Professor Jo Aldridge,
Gwenda Thomas AM (Deputy Minister for Children & Social Services, Welsh Assembly Government, Wales, UK.)
Lynne Hill, Children in Wales,
YC.Net (Carers Trust),
Toni Marie Smith (Children’s Society),
Young Carers Canada,
Bonnie Tyler,
Michael Sheen OBE,
Rhydian Roberts,
Ria Jones,
Cathy Cassidy,
Casey Watson,
Kevin Johns MBE,
Emma Forbes,
Ruth Madoc,
Ceri Dupree,
Mike Doyle,
Mal Pope,
Corey Fresh,
Karl Napieralla OBE (Education Dept, Welsh Assembly Govt )
Neath Port Talbot Carers Service & Young Carers forum,
Able Radio,
Helen Enser Morgan,
Ian Parsons,
Dr Emmanuel Tanne (IH Research foundation, USA)
IH Australia,
IH Brain Pain Team,
Snap Cymru,
Headway (UK),
Carers Trust Swansea Bay,
Love Ur Soul,
Sarah Ismail (Same difference blog),
Dan & Laura Curtis,
Lyn Jones MBE, Chairman of the Noah’s Ark Appeal, Children’s Hospital of Wales,
Tim Loughton MP,
Ability NI Magazine,
Sonia Binge (Young Carers support, NHS McMillan),
Gwyneth McCormack,
Positive Eye,
Beat Cymru.

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Thanks so much.

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