“Caitlin’s Wish is a beautifully illustrated, inspirational book written by a lady devoted to her family and determined to help others. Having known the family personally for many years, long before Rob was diagnosed with IH, I’ve seen how they’ve come to terms with this life-changing illness, now turning it into something so positive to help others.
I am happy to endorse ‘Caitlin’s Wish’ as a book that will support many families facing the uncertainty that disability and illness brings. All too often the children are overlooked and the focus is on the disabled/ sick family member. Caitlin’s Wish helps those children to look for the positives in their lives and understand that they’re not alone.”

Bonnie Tyler.

“Young carers can so often go overlooked and, sadly, they all too often feel unseen, uncared about, and overwhelmed. Even knowing that what they are doing to help look after their family qualifies them as young carers can sometimes be a difficult task. Anything that helps them feel seen and that the love and care that they provide is valued and appreciated is hugely important. Whatever support it’s possible to provide is essential. I hope that this beautiful book, Caitlin’s Wish, can play a small part in bringing this about.
Love, Michael Sheen”

Michael Sheen OBE.

“The perspectives and experiences of children who live with and care for parents with illness or disability are critical to our understanding about their health and social care needs.
Caitlin’s Wish provides just such insight in a sensitive, touching and loving way. It would be great if all children and families affected by parental illness or disability could have access to this book as a starting point for talking about these important issues.”

Professor Jo Aldridge, Young Carers Research Group, Loughborough University.

“Caitlin’s Wish is an imaginative book beautifully illustrated that can be a fun family read and a terrific resource in schools and youth settings to ensure that all young people have a better understanding of the road traveled by young people with caring responsibilities.
Carers Trust is delighted to be linked to this publication and would encourage everyone to buy their own copy and then get one to pass on to friends and family”

Angela Roberts, Director of Wales, Carers Trust. (2006- 2013)

“I just want to say how amazing I think this whole Caitlin’s Wish project is.  Victoria has worked ever so hard on it.  I’m just sorry I can’t be there to celebrate the launch, but I wish it well.
It’s a fantastic book, everyone’s going to love it; especially children. I think it really is a great insight into the life of a young carer – It’s great!
I’m very proud to be associated with it.  My mother is a huge fan of this book, and she’s Director of Wales, Carers Trust. Congratulations to everybody involved, particularly Victoria and of course the lady who it’s about really; Adele.  God Bless You!”

Rhydian Roberts


Gwenda Thomas AM, Deputy Minister for Children & Social Services, Welsh Assembly Government, Wales, UK. (until 2016)

“I’m thrilled to have been asked to say a few words in support of this book, and as the subject is so close to my heart, I’m happy to do just that. There are thousands of child carers in the UK alone and too many of them go unnoticed. I believe we all have a duty to recognize these children and offer them a lifeline.
My fifth book, Mummy’s Little Helper, highlighted some of the problems that young carers face. Problems such as not having time for a social life, or simply not flourishing at school due to tiredness or lack of social skills due to having spent too much time around adults and not enough with peers.
Victoria’s book seeks to rectify this and to bring the issue out into the open. To enable people like teachers, doctors or others in contact with children to better identify those who may need help. They should have a clear strategy in place so that they can open doors for our young carers that would otherwise remain out of reach. In too many cases, the children simply don’t realize there are other options for them. Options that could make their lives just that little bit easier. In my experience it’s such a relief for them to realize that they aren’t alone, that there are others doing exactly what they do, and they form some great friendships too, often for the first time in their young lives.
Don’t you think our children deserve this? I do, and that’s why I’d like to do all I can to help Victoria reach all the right people with her book.”

Casey Watson, Author

“Caitlin’s wish is a beautiful book with a very powerful message for both children and adults. Young carers are often carrying huge burdens, but go unrecognized and unsupported.  Caitlin’s wish is a great resource that will initiate discussion, sharing and understanding.”

Lynne Hill, Policy Director, Children in Wales.

“Caitlin’s Wish outlines the journey that some young people go through when a family member becomes ill, it explores the positive and negative aspects of this and using amazing illustration and an imaginative journey ends on an ultimately uplifting message. One family has used their experiences to create a moving book that not only provides support for young people going through a similar experience but also raises awareness of family disability and young carers issues for a range of people. This book is a valuable tool to be used in schools and youth settings to give young people a better understanding of the issues, and help young carers feel confident in identifying themselves in these settings.
Victoria’s goal that all schools will support young carers is one that I fully support, and we continually hear from young carers about the important role that schools play in identifying and supporting them and the negative impacts it can have on their education and future lives when they are not supported. ‘Supporting Young Carers: A Resource for Schools (Carers Trust and The Children’s Society) and Caitlin’s Wish are a central part of raising awareness and providing support in all schools.”

Toni-Marie Smith, Operational Coordinator,  Young Carers in Focus, The Children’s Society Include Programme.

“I think your story is amazing – and the work you are doing is incredible. We need mums/people like you!! You make all the difference.”

Emma Forbes, British TV & Radio Presenter. http://www.emmaforbes.com

“As I read Caitlin’s Wish I was very moved by the concepts the book touches on.  Illness has an impact on everyone in the family.  Seeing my children impacted by my illness was incredibly challenging.
The book does a fantastic job of taking those experiences and examining them in a way that is easy to look at, and it will definitely promote discussion between parents and children.
Caitlin’s Wish offers youth imagery that is pleasant and age appropriate while providing a rare insight into the developmental psyche of young carers.  The concepts will universally resonate in families experiencing illness.”

Kim Latour, Young Carers Canada

“Having spent many years watching my mother, an only child, care for my elderly grandparents, I became very aware of how important a role of a carer is. Not for one minute did I ever consider at the time, whilst witnessing what the role entails, not only physically, but more so psychologically, what this role would be like if bestowed on a child? Well this became reality to Victoria Taylor and her two children. Two of many thousands of child carers around the world. Victoria’s story of her own life, which led to her writing “Caitlin’s Wish” opened my eyes, mind and heart to just this… The book is so beautifully written. I couldn’t put it down. Not only does it give us an insight into how much their world was turned upside down, which would test any happy family. But how that love and strength and belief, has got them and still will I believe, through some tough times. By talking to each other, and others, maybe strangers even, opening up to feelings and honesty, and believing in all things mystical and magical. There is a child within us all, and this book proves this to me, and I was comforted by it, as I’m sure many young carers, or people with any woes or troubles will be too. Victoria, I would simply like to say (as I’m sure so many people around the world who have read your story would like to say too) “Thank You!”
Ria Jones, Actress, Singer.  http://www.riajones.co.uk

“You are such an inspiring figure with your message of hope and triumph.  From the first time I spoke with you I knew that you were destined for greatness and you had a calling that would touch the lives of many.  Please continue your calling- the world is a better place because of Caitlin’s Wish.”

Corey Fresh, Multi-media radio personality on The Big Corey Fresh Show, USA. (http://www.bigcoreyfresh.com/)

“Caitlin’s Wish is clever, thought-provoking and sweet read for any child and Ability NI magazine is proud to be associated with the book and its positive message.”
 Laura Dunlop, Editor, Ability NI magazine, N. Ireland

“Caitlin’s wish is an imaginative, thought-provoking book which is beautifully illustrated. It makes a perfect resource for schools to use in conjunction with the ‘Carers Trust schools resource pack.’
Reading Caitlin’s wish will enable young people to gain a better understanding of what being a young carer is really like. Furthermore reading it will encourage greater empathy, respect and tolerance from all ages who are not personally affected by illness or disability themselves.
I am delighted to say that Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council has ordered copies of this book for circulation in its libraries and schools.”
 Karl Napieralla OBE,  Director of Education, Leisure and Lifelong Learning, Neath Port Talbot, Wales, UK.(up until 2013)

“What happens when a parent becomes ill?”

“Victoria Taylor has taken  her own family’s experiences with chronic intracranial hypertension (IH) and written an imaginative tale, with love, insight, and gentle reassurance.  Caitlin’s Wish is a delight to read and look at, with watercolor illustrations of a magical world. It helps families and educators navigate the uncertainty of chronic illness and guide children in a creative and loving way.  Add Caitlin’s Wish to your gift list; it should be part of every child’s library.”  Emanuel Tanne, M.D. Co-Founder and President,  Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation, USA

“I am delighted to endorse the ‘Caitlin’s Wish’ publication and the school’sresource for all families and professionals. The book and resource will be of great benefit to raise awareness of the many thousands of children and young people involved in the day to day care of their siblings, parents, grandparents and other family members or friends.
The book is wonderfully illustrated and written from the heart, raising the voice of children and young people through personal experience, listening and supporting them on their special journey of life as a young carer.
Adults, children and young people reading this story will gain a better understanding of the lives of young carers and be better placed to offer them understanding and compassion. I have read this book and taken time to reflect on our practices and I am confident that others will do the same. Read and disseminate widely to improve the lives of all young carers in your everyday practices and help all children and young people to be more compassionate and inclusive in their friendships and play. Please get behind this campaign and make a difference!”

Denise Inger,  Chief Executive Director, Snap Cymru.

“Goldie Hawn recently said in an interview that ‘life is a wave and you have to take the rough with the smooth, you cannot take the world with you and you certainly should not take your children’ – Caitlin’s wish is testament to a mum who has made sure she has done all of this and more and the world is a better place thanks to people like Victoria and her family.  Caitlin’s wish teaches us all the importance of empathy and understanding; something we are never too old or young to learn!”

Lucy Batham-Read,  Founder & Managing Director, Love ur Soul.

“It’s a beautiful book; lovely illustrations and just the right combination of fact and magic!
But more importantly, it responds to many of the questions that children often have when somebody close to them has an illness or disability. And it makes you smile while doing it.”

Ewan Main, Online Support Manager / YC.Net, Carers Trust

“I do believe that Caitlin’s Wish could be an invaluable additional resource for young carers and their families, to assist them in their journey through a very difficult time. It will help them to deal with the whole range of emotions that they will encounter on this journey, and help them to remain positive.”

Dr Anne Bowen GP, Dulais Valley Primary Care Centre, Wales, UK.

“Caitlin’s Wish is an enchanting and very moving story which really engages the reader and is appealing on many different levels. It is a good starting point for discussion with older children on the topics of having an optimistic outlook on illness and disability within the family and of course being a young carer. For young carers or those living at home with a disabled person it highlights that they are not alone, other families face similar situations. Equally, it is a lovely gentle tale to have read out loud at story time to younger children who will enjoy the colourful illustrations. Children of all ages who hear or read this story will remember it and the messages it conveys for a very long time.
The Neath Port Talbot Young Carers Forum which is made up of representatives from agencies that are concerned with the issues facing young carers and their families, whole heartedly supports Caitlin’s Wish as a resource that raises awareness of the needs of young carers and issues of disability.”

Neath Port Talbot Young Carers Forum, Wales, UK.

“Caitlin’s Wish tells a very serious story in simple, descriptive language. It is a modern resource book with the magic of Enid Blyton. Reading it took me back to the books I used to read as a child. I wish my brother and other siblings of disabled children had had such a book available to them years ago.
The Same Difference website proudly supported Caitlin’s Wish from the very start.  Victoria Taylor is a very special wife and mother and a truly talented writer of children’s fiction.”

Sarah Ismail, Disabled blogger and writer
Same Difference www.samedifference1.com

“”Honest and heartfelt. Caitlin’s Wish is a great read and an invaluable resource for any child adjusting to life with a sick relative.  An inspiring, important story.”

Cathy Cassidy, Author.

“Caitlin’s Wish provides a wonderfully imaginative way of dealing with a very difficult subject. The book can provide comfort and inspiration to young people trying to cope with the responsibilities of caring for a brain injured parent. It also shines a light on the issues of disability and illness, which can be so hard for children to understand and accept. Just as importantly, Caitlin’s Wish provides important information about the little known condition of Intracranial Hypertension and can provide much needed exposure for the Intracranial Hypertension Research Foundation”.

Headway UK

“Seeing someone become ill, whom you love dearly, can be extremely frightening, sad, painful and very confusing. It is even harder if you are a child. There are so few resources available that give a true life reflection of how it feels to become a young carer, and how this impacts on your daily life, and changes everything, often for ever. Young Carers feel unable to talk to those that they are close to, for fear of causing further pain and upset. However, it is vital that Young Carers can talk openly; understand that they are not alone, and most importantly be given support to know they are not to blame for the illness of their loved ones.
‘Caitlin’s Wish’ is an imaginative, clever, honest and beautiful story that addresses these issues. It gives a strong, clear and supportive message to young carers, whilst assisting and teaching them to understand the true implications of their role, and the impact of the illness on their family. It is an inspirational read, that must be made available to Young carers of all ages. A truly remarkable story. Thank-you to Caitlin and her family for sharing this story with us.”  

Sonia Binge. Young Carer Support, NHS / McMillan, Berkshire, England.

“Had a great night at The Welfare, Ystradgynlais; I met a sweet lady Victoria Taylor and her beautiful children who have gone through a traumatic time dealing with, as a family her husbands battle against a debilitating neurological illness called IH, a little known condition. Victoria has written a book called Caitlin’s wish, which I am only to happy to endorse.”

Mike Doyle, Comedian, Actor and Radio presenter.

(Mike Doyle wrote a blog about it, please follow this link to read more.)

The following people / organisations have also endorsed Caitlin’s Wish and are supporting our Young Carers Awareness Project….

Professor Saul Becker, Kevin Johns MBE, Ruth Madoc, Gary Cargill, Mike Doyle, Mal Pope, Neath Port Talbot Carers Service, Able Radio, Helen Enser Morgan, Ian Parsons, IH Australia, IH Brain Pain Team, Ceri Dupree, Headway (UK), Dan & Laura Curtis, Lyn Jones MBE, Chairman of the Noah’s Ark Appeal, Children’s Hospital of Wales, Tim Loughton MP, Gwyneth McCormack, Positive Eye,  Beat Cymru, Casey Watson.

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